Arduino RIDEN® DPS5005 50V 5A Buck Adjustable DC Constant Voltage Power Supply Module Integrated Voltmeter Ammeter With Color Di

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Description:DPS Series CNC relatively early NC products, software and hardware have been greatly improved.Operational aspects reserved V / A shortcuts, you can quickly set the voltage and current.Screen refresh rate also increased more than two times that is no sense of delay.Increased start-up or shut down output options settings interface.Replacing the wiring aspect larger than the current pluggable terminals for easy wiring.If you need the housing of this power supply,please clickhere!Feature:Input voltage range: 6.00-55.00VOutput voltage range: 0V-50.00VOutput current: 0-5.000AOutput power range: 00.00-250.0W Product Weight: about 113gProduct Dimension: 79*43*48(mm) (L*W*H)Open size: 71mm*39mmOutput voltage resolution: 0.01VOutput current resolution: 0.001AOutput Voltage accuracy:(0.5% + 1 digit)Output Current accuracy:(0.5% + 2 digits)More details:ItemDP20V2ADP30V3ADP50V2ADP50V5ADPS3003DPS3005DPS5005DPS3012DPS5015Product ID9931889930331050062105006110624751062474This one10652351072236Difference between DP,DPS and DPH1. DPS series are updated version. Panel is different. In DPS series, we change the M1/and M2/ into V/and A/. You can press those buttons set the voltage and current fast. We add a new function set default boot open or close outputOthers are not changed.2. DPS5005 and DP50V5A can charge the battery directly,dont need diode. When charging battery, dont con

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