Arduino XY-SJV-4 CV Adjustable 3A 30W DC 5.5 -30V to DC 0.5 -30V Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module Voltage Regulator

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Описание и характеристики

Specifications:Input Voltage: 5.5V-30VOutput Voltage: 0.5V-30VOutput Current: 3A for long time steady operation, up to 4A after enhancing heat dissipationOutput Power: natural heat dissipation 30W, enhanced heat dissipation 50WTransfer Efficiency: approx. 88%Working Frequency: 180KHzShort-Circuit Protection: YES (Automatically shut down output after short circuit protection, and renew by power-on again)Low-Voltage Protection: YES (Default is 5V, under 5V, it will auto shut down output, and renew by power-on again)Reverse Connection Protection: NOModule Size: 56x20x21mmFeatures:This module adopts step-up and down chip as the main controller, the external 60V 75V MOS tube as switch tube, double 60V 5A SS56 schottky as rectification, large power, high efficiency. It can step up and down. Take an example: if adjusting the output voltage to 18V, no matter what the input voltage is among 5.5-30V, the constant voltage would be 18V; If input 12V, adjust the potentiometer at 0.5-30V output at random.Note:1. Please make sure the power of power supply be always greater than the output load needed.2. For full output, the input voltage must be more than 7V. If the input voltage is more than 5.5V, the output power is approx.15W.Package Include:1 x 3A 30W Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module Constant Voltage

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